Chata Poľana, Jezersko 108, 059 04 Jezersko, Slovakia, tel. mobil.: +421 903 629 628

About pension Chata Polana

Who will take care of you ar Chata Polana? What kind of relax can we offer?What is worth to see here? And, definitely, what are you telling about us?

Pension "Chata Polana", Jezersko

We all need to recharge the batteries from time to time. Why not to try something new – friendly, family owned small pension with apartments in picturesque mountain village Jezersko. In the middle of Spisska Magura, near Bachledova valley and Cerveny Klastor you will find a warm owners and unique mountain atmosphere. We are sitting right at the bosom of local hills, near the stream, comfortably equipped. Our family can offer you an opportunity to escape the daily routine and spend some quality time at Pieniny or in High Tatras no matter the season.

In summer we have a terrace with a grill and a special place for a campfire.

During the winter you might spend some time inside by the open fire or, why not, outside in a hot tub with a glass of a special local hot wine drink.

Never mind the WIFI or a TV with satellite, we have them too, but go outside and breathe the air, hike, bike, swim, ski.

You can cook for yourself, if you like, but we can prepare some special thing for you as well. Breakfast or dinner. Parking is free, of course.

Here is what you say

Prečo prevádzkujeme rodinný penziónik?

Myslíme si, že Jezersko je jeden z mnhých krásnych kútov Slovenska, ktorý si zaslúži, aby ho spoznalo čo najviac obdivovateľov. V našom penzióne, v chate Poľana, tomu chceme pomôcť kultivovaným ubytovacím zariadením, priateľskou atmosférou a každoročnou snahou o nové a zaujímavejšie služby nášho ubytovacieho zariadenia.

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